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  • Introduction to The Theatre of Space

    The Foyer

    Welcome to the Theatre of Space; you're in the foyer at the moment but there's no chance of getting a programme or refreshments here. This is an abandoned theatre...

    The Circle

    ...there are rumours about what happened here, but no one seems to know for sure. The theatre's last show was staged here on Halloween many years ago...

    The Stage

    ...but what happened? You are now our playwrights and you are going to write the story of what happened on that fateful Halloween, many years ago...

  • Collaborative writing task

    We're going to undertake some collaborative writing to tell the story of what happened in The Theatre of Space. We're going to do this using the forum below. 

    Your task is to write one paragraph of the story. Once you have written your part, it is down to another member of the class to continue the story and to write another paragraph. Try and weave in some of the ideas and themes which we have been exploring over the last weeks...Make it as surreal - and horrific - as possible. 

    Where and when will it end? 

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